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March 8, 2019 

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*Saturday March 09

Stacey Robotics FRC @

John Jay HS 

*Sunday March 10 

Stacey Robotics FRC @

John Jay HS 

*March 11 - 15

Spring Break!!  

Admin Alley

2018-2019 PCAT Bus Driver of the Year

We are proud to announce that Mrs. Rebecca Macal has been selected as the 2018-2019 Lackland ISD bus driver of the year.

The bus driver of the year program is sponsored by PCAT (Property Casualty Alliance of Texas) and supports excellence in transportation service and safety.  Rebecca was recognized for her leadership, attitude, perseverance, student and parent relations, and technical skills.


Our School Board President, Mr. Brian Miller, presented Mrs. Rebecca Macal with  a certificate of appreciation and a personalized jacket during the February 26, 2019  regularly scheduled school board meeting.

Please join us in congratulating Rebecca and thanking her for a job well done!

Around the District

LISD Child Nutrition Department recognized as “Best of the Bunch”


Congratulations to our child nutrition team on their achievement in the 2018 Texas Department of Agriculture (TDA) Farm Fresh Challenge.  

According to TDA Commissioner Sid Miller, “almost 20 percent of Texas school districts participated in the Farm Fresh Challenge this year.  Lackland ISD was one of the few that took this challenge to the highest level and achieved the Best of the Bunch recognition.  In addition to teaching children about healthy lifestyles, participating schools spend $2.6 million on Texas products during the challenge.    Choosing to buy local foods supports the entire Texas economy by growing jobs and keeping businesses in this great state thriving.”

Please join us in congratulating our Child Nutrition Staff and thanking them for their continued commitment in promoting healthy eating habits.

Lackland ISD was asked to participate in “Go Public with David”, a weekly segment on Channel 4 at 6:30 PM for all of 2019.


Here is the link to the video segment that aired on WOAI News.



Congratulations Lackland ISD!

Stacey Happenings 

The Stacey Eagle Band competed at the UIL Concert & Sight-reading Contest in Pleasanton on Tuesday, March 5. The band members performed exceptionally in both concert and sight-reading and, for the first time in school history at the varsity level, they scored all 1’s!


Congratulations to all members for the hard work and dedication they put into preparing and working together as a unit. Each and every student represented the school with distinction and have brought honor upon themselves and the school.

S2S Interview: Abriana Himantog

by: Kaitlyn Maldonado, senior

S2S is a club that helps new students transition into a new high school and helps them get situated with the rules and schedule.  I decided to Interview senior Abriana Himantog, who has been part of S2S for 3 years and has experienced many wonderful moments in this club.


*What do you like about S2S?

I like the atmosphere of working together to achieve a common goal. In terms of events, giving student tours around campus is my favorite part of S2S.


*What did you like about this year and how is it different?

I liked how many members joined this year. It’s different in the way that every week we have meetings to coordinate more events.


*What’s one memory in S2S that you will never forget?

I’ll never forget traveling to Washington DC with Zoria LaCour and Justin Factuar, especially the Chinatown incident.


*Do you wish more people were in it?

Of course! S2S has a multitude of personal growth and leadership opportunities. It’s definitely a club I'd recommend for anyone to join.


*How did you join S2S?

S2S helped me out in my freshman year, and I decided to join in my sophomore year. I didn’t forget their kindness, and it inspired me to join.

Meet Mrs. Brock

by: Isabella Evans, junior


Kathy Brock is the Stacey band and choir director for both Jr. High and High School.

*Where are you from and what inspired you to become a named teacher?

I am originally from Texas and was  born and raised in a small town by the name of Rowina. The town itself is so small that it doesn’t even have a High School.  I had to go to school in the town next to us. Being a band teacher isn’t what I originally went to school for. I  got a degree in psych but it was my college band director that convinced me to go teach at a school.


*Have you always played the flute?

Yes, I have played the flute since I was in sixth grade and I played all throughout middle school, high school, and college.


*How long have you been teaching and is there something that never fails to excite you when you teach?

Let’s see…. I have been teaching for twenty years, but it doesn’t feel like it has been that long. My favorite group are the beginners because I love seeing the spark in them when they just get it, like whatever they’re trying to figure out just clicks with them and everything is new and exciting.


*What are some goals for the High School Band this year?

I really hope and want us to do well at our UIL competition next Tuesday but I picked some more challenging stuff for the Spring Concert that’ll sound fantastic if we get it down so I’m really hoping that we can make it sound great.

What is JS2S?

By: Ariana Flores, 10th grade


  The Js2s team are students that participate in community services in and out of the school. They help with the arrival of new students to make them feel welcome. This year’s team feels they are on a very successful road and have a long future ahead. The Js2s team seems to be going in a good direction with striving to come up with new ideas to transition new students into the school. They have even successfully gotten their own meetings during learning lab that let them talk about their services. Teacher, Emily Duron, and middle school counselor, Jania Nicholson, are their amazing representatives that help push the students to become a strong team that will help the school's community.

    This year the Js2s team has accomplished services like an after-school social for new students to make friends, students tours, volunteering at a retirement home called Willie Cortez, and having their traditional Halloween candy buy-back for kids at the school. They have a close bond with each other by working on team-building activities and having great friendships. Through the year, kids may move but new ones come in and seem to become an excellent fit. The Js2s team hopes that for the future they can help make students feel accepted into the school and become a part of the community. They also hope to come up with more creative ideas to help the school and community and expand their team more.

FCCLA Visits the Food Bank

Stacey FCCLA volunteered at the San Antonio Food Bank this week.  They helped pack 838 individual bags of cabbage, bell peppers, oranges, and carrots.  With the help of other volunteers, we packed 5,971 pounds of vegetables which will serve 4,778 meals.  The girls had a lot of fun while helping those in need in the community.

What are Lackland students up to over break?


By Spencer (8th grade), Hector (9th grade), and Alexis (8th grade)


We asked students what they will be doing spring break and here are their answers!

Izzy from 8th grade said that she will be traveling around Texas from Houston to Waco, while Donavan from 10th grade will be doing nothing. Now isn’t that boring!  Alex T. is heading to Disney World which leaves many of us feeling envious. 

As you can see, the answers really varied. Some students said they are going to amusement parks, while others will be going out of state or out of town. I plan on hanging out with visiting family over Spring break. Ms. Baltazar will be going to Marfa,Texas to go hiking and visit the McDonald’s Observatory.

 If you haven’t thought about it yet, there is still time to plan your spring break, for example, you can go hiking, swimming, traveling, visit family, or just catch up on the Netflix show you never finished. Whatever you do just have fun! That the most important thing about spring break is to recharge!

Welcome to Stacey: Gareth Thompson

by: Sebastian Vargas

Gareth Thompson arrived at Stacey Tuesday, March 5th. He came from Lincoln, England and he was there for 5 years. He is a junior.


Q: Did you enjoy England?

A: Yeah, it was nice to experience a different culture.

Q:Where did you attend school there?

A: Lincoln Minster School

Q: Where did you live before you moved to England?

A: Monterrey Bay, California

Q: What are your initial impressions of Texas?

A: The weather is either really hot or really cold, but it is a decent place.

Q: What is your first impression of the school?

A: The people and teachers are all really nice.

Q: How is Stacey HS different from your old school?

A: My old school was in another country, so the curriculum was completely different, and the culture was also very different.

Q: Favorite Subject?

A: Computer Science

Q: Favorite Color?

A: Blue

Q: Food?

A: Pancakes

Q: Music?

A: Rock

Q: Do you have pets?

A: No


Thanks Gareth!

Elementary Happenings 

Elementary P.E. rocks!

Elementary PE After-School Play Date Pre/K - 1st grade

Parachute Play and Tug of War

5th graders gave their one point perspective on things in 

this birds eye view drawing assignment in elementary art!       

Nice Job! 

Good Information

*Click the flyer above to expand! 

Come join us for Go Public night at the San Antonio Commanders vs. Salt Lake Stallions football game!


WHEN: Saturday, March 23, 7 PM
WHERE: Alamodome

OFFER: Buy one ticket and get one free



Texas Superintendent of the Year, Dr. Brian Woods from Northside ISD, will do the coin toss! 
Superintendents and trustees from all seventeen San Antonio-area ISDs will be recognized, as a group, on the field prior to the game. 
The first 100 students who purchase tickets will have the opportunity to high-five the players.  All students wearing their school t-shirts to the game will participate in the Go Public pregame parade. Students must check in 1 hour before the game in section 101.
PLUS- All students in attendance showing school pride by wearing their school’s t-shirt will be allowed to participate in the Go Public Pre-game Parade prior to the start of the game.  Must check-in one (1) hour prior to the game at the table outside Section 101.

JBSA Lackland Library March Calendar

*Click the links below for more information:


*Craft Night 

*Lego Night

*Spring Break Fun

The Momo Challenge: What You Need to Know


You may have seen postings on social media in recent days warning you about the “Momo Challenge,” accompanied by a creepy photo of a feminine but bird-like face.  These postings warn of the dire consequences of this challenge, stating that a character named “Momo” will issue challenges to your children online, daring them to do increasingly dangerous acts to themselves and others, with some accounts of the challenge ending in a final challenge by Momo for the child to commit suicide.  The postings also caution of Momo suddenly appearing in the middle of YouTube videos, on WhatsApp apps, and other online streaming and social media services.  These appearances are supposedly accompanied by vague threats to come after the child and or their families if child does not follow through on the challenge.


Realizing that all of this sounds absolutely terrifying to a parent, I want to be sure that you know that the “Momo Challenge” is a recurring internet hoax. 


While there have been isolated reports of children committing suicide because of a “Momo Challenge,” there have been no credible links so far between a “Momo Challenge” and a child committing suicide.  The creepy photo itself is of a sculpture made by an artist at a special effects firm.  The sculpture isn’t named “Momo,” and the artist has nothing to do with the hoax.


However, realizing that life often imitates art, it’s within the realm of possibilities that someone might try to capitalize on the fear surrounding the challenge.  As such, it’s important for us as parents to have open conversations with our children about the internet and their online activities.  Last night, I used the “Momo Challenge” as an opportunity to have that conversation with my son.  Here is what I shared with him:


The “Momo Challenge” is a hoax, and the picture is actually a piece of art.  Momo doesn’t exist, and the creature isn’t going to come after you nor try to harm you.
Don’t “friend” people or have conversations with people online that you aren’t friends with in real life.
If anyone online ever asks you do to something that would hurt yourself or others, immediately stop talking to them and come tell your mother or me.  If you’re at school, immediately stop and find the nearest responsible adult and let them know.

You may wish to sit down and have a conversation with your own son or daughter and share some of the thoughts above, editing as appropriate for the age of your child.  I showed my child the actual image because I knew he would be fine with seeing it.  You might decide that’s a bad idea.  Whatever you decide to share with your children, I do hope that you take the time to have conversations with them about their life online.


I also encourage you to monitor what your children are doing online.  If you need help in doing this, there are now a range of both hardware and software tools.  If you’d like to talk with us about some of these tools, please feel free to reach out to me or to one of our campus instructional technologists.  Please do not suffer alone: we are here to help, and there are some great tools for that purpose!




Dr. Kyle Jones

LISD Director of Technology


Wednesday, March 20, 2019, 9:00 a.m.—12:00 p.m.
Texas Transition 101
Parents will receive an in-depth look at the Federal and
Texas Transition process used in their child’s IEP to help
them be successful after graduating from high school. This
training will cover the importance of self-determination and
involving your child in the transition process.
**Interpreter provided by request.
Call 210-370-5430 by 12:00 p.m. on Monday, March 18th. **
Session ID: 53106
Webinar ID: 53193


Thursday, March 21, 2019, 9:00 a.m.—12:00 p.m.
Early Childhood Parent Toolkit
Join us as we explore the NEW ESC-20 Early Childhood
Parent Plus+ Toolkit! Parent Plus + is an engaging set of
activities for parents to use in playful learning with their
preschool aged children. This training will train PARENTS
to become actively involved in learning how to enhance
student engagement with playful learning activities in the
home setting. The kit includes activities aligned with the Pre-
Kindergarten Guideline standards in math, reading, writing,
and language development.
**Interpreter provided by request.
Call 210-370-5430 by

PTSO Spotlight


Mar 18 at 8 AM – Mar 29 at 2 PM

Lackland ISD Lyon Center


We will have our Buy One Get One (BOGO) Scholastic Book Fair March 20th-29th in the Lyons Center at Lackland ISD. We will begin set up on the 18th, and be open for business the 20th. We will be open 8-3:45, and will stay open until 5pm on both Thursday’s. We look forward to seeing you all there! All visitors will need to check in with one of the school offices before shopping at the book fair.

Random Shots

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