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February 8, 2019

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3. Stacey Happenings

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Upcoming Events:


*Saturday Feb. 9 

AP Biology 8:00 AM
Judson High School

*Monday Feb. 11 

Paint With Me: Valentines Edition
5:00 PM
Ms. Stege Room 4609 /

Varsity Girls Basketball - Bi-district Playoff vs Mason 6:30 PM
Kerrville, TX

*Wednesday Feb. 13

SHAC - District Board Room 

*Friday Feb. 15

JH Valentine's Dance
7:00 PM HS Cafeteria

Admin Alley

Lackland ISD Shares Survey Results

Student Voice

Thank you for taking advantage of the opportunity to share your voice as members of the Lackland ISD learning organization by participating in the Fall 2018 survey opportunities.  The links below will give you access to reports.  These reports will share results and comparison data for survey results from Spring 2017 – Fall 2018. 

Lackland ISD students in third through twelfth grade have the opportunity to participate in two surveys.  One survey solicits feedback related to campus climate and culture.  This survey measures school belonging, school climate, school engagement, school safety, and school teacher-student relationships.  The other survey is related to student social and emotional learning competencies.  This survey is comprised of questions related to the student’s self-assessment of classroom effort, grit, growth mindset, and self-efficacy.  You are encouraged to review the results of student surveys and engage with your child’s teachers and campus personnel to support us in improvement efforts.

Grade Levels
Survey Links
3rd- 5th
Elementary 3rd-5th Grade Student Responses
6th – 12th
Secondary Student Responses

In addition to the survey opportunities, students were asked to provide specific feedback regarding two things our schools do well and two things we could do to improve.  Accolades shared were related to peer to peer support, technology, resources, clubs, and teacher-student relationships.  Dress code enforcement, lunch offerings, and communication.  Campus and district teams are currently reviewing data and develop plans to inform learning organization priorities towards continuous improvement.  Our goal is to provide periodic updates regarding actions taken. 

We share this information with you to enlist your continued engagement with the survey and our efforts towards continuous improvement.  Please check back in subsequent weeks to see the results of the staff, teacher, and family surveys.  We aim to invest more time and effort in areas that will positively impact our ability to fulfill our vision, mission, and beliefs as your school district.

Around the District


 Feb. 4 – 8 is National School Counseling Week.

Lackland ISD, Stacey Jr/Sr High School, and Lackland Elementary salute our wonderful counselors!

Jania Nicholson is the jr. high counselor and Genevieve

Medellin-Keller (Mrs. MK) is the counselor for high school students.

Ms. Jennifer Dominguez takes care of 3rd - 5th grade, and Mr. Mike Flores serves Pre / K - 2nd grade

Stacey Happenings 

Freshman work together to review finding the Greatest Common Factor of Polynomials

Science with Ms. Davis


Biology class is learning about the classification of living organisms, this week students learned how to classify protist during a protist observation.


Photography by:  Elouise Livingston

Students in Ms. Davis’ anatomy class are currently learning about the cardiovascular system. This week students stepped into the “ER” lab and played roles as a heart surgeon and scrub nurse with a patient that needed removal of various heart defects. Students learned how to use medical PPE (personal protective equipment) and tools needed to complete the surgery

This week- Students in anatomy class also learned how to take blood pressure and heart rates using stethoscopes and blood pressure cuffs. 

10th graders wrote a persuasive love poem after reading John Donne's 1633 love poem titled "The Flea"



by: Ashlyn S, Xyra R, Cameron W, Alex T


I will compliment your dress

Even if the other bugs aren't impressed


I know my get up is different, and it's nothing like theirs I don’t have a tux and I can't style my hair


I don’t have any airpods, for they can't fit my ears But there will be great envy shared upon your peers


I don’t need no apple products for I have cool wings They're better than the latest iPhone. They're better than those things


I know my eyes are at the side of my head and my lips are nasty too But I don't care, baby, I want to go the prom with you.



"The Scorpion"


 by: Denver Wilson


The scorpion stuck his stinger in you

filling you with his entrancing venom.

The venom of lies he feeds you

or is it you whom is feeding him?


His venom seeps through, his claws

making their way intro into your heart.

He is in your head, like a parasite.

Is there an antidote for his thick venom?


I am the scientist to his venom, finding a cure to save your scrambled brain, poisoned heart.

If you would allow me to crush this pedipalpi, and free your thoughts and heart.


For I have no venom, only the cure,

my deep love

Stacey High School’s JROTC Program

By: Cadet First Lieutenant Lorenzo Almario, Sophomore


    Have you seen the people in blue uniforms walking around campus every Wednesday? You know, the ones wearing their flight caps and aviator sunglasses? Maybe you have seen them at some of the school events such as the Veteran’s Day Ceremony in November. These student cadets are a part of Stacey High School’s JROTC program. Not many people know about this, but the program is in its inaugural year and will be here for years to come at Stacey.

Every day, cadets leave during the last period of the day at 2:20 PM and take JROTC at Northside ISD’s John Jay High School. John Jay High School and Stacey have agreed to a crosstown initiative, an agreement in which students from Stacey can receive JROTC credit by attending the course at John Jay. JROTC can be used as a P.E. credit or a Career & Technical Education (CTE) course. JROTC does not only teach about the military, but it also teaches discipline, leadership, and how to be a citizen in today’s society. Lots of students did not want to take JROTC because of the scheduling issues leaving cadets to return around 4:30 PM. Not to worry! Instructors from John Jay as well as the administration at Stacey are working to resolve the scheduling issue in order to make it more convenient for everyone.

JROTC is also planning a recruitment presentation in the near future, explaining the JROTC program in depth, as well as having cadets from John Jay High School talk to students about their after school clubs. If you have any questions about joining JROTC, or have any general questions, feel free to approach any cadet in uniform and they will be more than happy to give you information.

Technology in

English Language Arts

    How often does someone say, “ELA,” and you think of technology? I know I don’t, but now I might start. Most of the ELA teachers at our school incorporate technology into every class period they have, however, some only do it occasionally. Here are the ways that our ELA teachers use technology in our class:


Mrs. Chan

Mrs. Chan’s class uses Google Docs for all formal writing assignments and has class discussions on the Padlet app. They are allowed to watch informational videos and do research on their iPads. She also allows her students to take personalized quizzes on Quizizz

Ms. Sims

Ms. Sims uses an app called NoRedInk to instill editing and revising skills in her students. She also has her students type out essays and show PowerPoint presentations on novels. For her reading improvement class, she will occasionally have students record themselves reading to improve fluency. Finally, she uses Euphoria for online quizzes often.

Miss James

Miss James uses some technology, for example, if her students need to do research for a project, assignment, essay, etc., they can ask for permission to use their iPads. She also allows her students to create quizlets for class. However, Miss James does not uses Google Classroom or anything of the sort.

Ms. Baltazar

Ms. Baltazar uses technology for annotation. She has her class take pictures of what they are reading and annotate it on Notability. Students can also find lessons and instructions for writing on Google Classroom and they submit almost all written work on Google Classroom.

Ms. Gray

Ms. Gray uses technology to monitor her students using apple classroom and to have them submit work electronically. They usually use Apex, a tutorial for the STAAR test, and do a lot of research on their iPads. Her students give digital presentations, essays, read audio books, and artwork with their iPads as well.

Jr. High UIL Awards Ceremony Images

click on the link below for full access! 

*If you had your picture taken in the Stacey Cowboy Breakfast Photo Booth here is the link to your pictures!!

Elementary Happenings 

First Graders listened to a guest speaker on Thursday, February 7. Ms. Kaiti Blake, KSAT meteorologist, spoke to the students on general weather topics. All first graders have been learning about the weather in science. Thanks for a super talk! We loved it!

 For the past two weeks In Mrs. Ryan's SFA class students have been reading Sports and Games You Might Not Know. This is a collection of various sports and games from around the world.  Some of the interesting sports and games include polo, takraw, curling, parchisi, and backgammon. 

 On Thursday, February 7th students put their reading skills to the test as they read about various outdoor games, discussed the game they read and filled out a graphic organizer with the most important information. The students then played: bocce, ladder toss, corn hole, bottle bash, and disc slam.

Celebrating 100th day of school! How many jumping jacks and how many times can we clap in 100 seconds in Mrs. Moulder's 1st grade class!

Students in Mrs. Allen’s class dress up for the 100th Day of School which was Tuesday, February 5.

Happy 100th Day of School from Mrs. Rodriguez’s First Grade Class! 

100 Days in Kindergarten


Good Information

JBSA Lackland Library Calendar


Click the links below for more information: 


* Lego Night

*Craft Night

*Paint A Valentine


Wednesday, February 13, 9:30 a.m.—2:30 p.m.

(Lunch Provided)
Pathways to Adulthood
*Register at
This one-day training will help you prepare for your child
with a disability’s life after high school.
Parents will learn how to plan NOW for quality of life in the
areas of work, at home, medical services, friendship, and
supports, as well as have the opportunity to develop short-term
and long-term goals, and the steps to carry them out.

PTSO Spotlight

Lost and Found is OVERFLOWING with jackets and miscellaneous things!! If you haven’t seen your child’s jackets, lunchbox, pants, etc. for a while, stop by here and check!!


Random Shots

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