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Every year in October, the American Federation of School Administrators (AFSA), the National Association of Elementary School Principals (NAESP), and the National Association of Secondary School Principals (NASSP) join forces to celebrate our nation’s principals for their tireless dedication to their students and the schools they serve.

This year, National Principals Month is shifting focus and using its platform to advocate on behalf of principals. These school leaders fight every day to give their students the best education and it’s time we advocate for them and with them.

Mrs. Teresa Leija, Principal, Lackland Elementary School

Mr. Hunter Shelby, Principal, Stacey Jr. / Sr. High School


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Here are some quotes from elementary students:

“I like that our principal makes sure we have recess.” (2nd grader)

“Every time I see our principal, she is smiling.” (2nd grader)

“She picks awesome teachers to work here.” (Kindergarten student)

“I like that our principal has a no-bullying policy and that she has locks on the doors to keep us safe.  I also like that she has PE in our schedules every day because at some schools they have it [PE] as a Specials class.” (3rd grader)

“Hmmmm.... there's a lot of things; I like that she investigates and responds to danger quickly.  And she helps us be prepared by practicing with drills.” (3rd grader)

“The principal chooses nice teachers to work here.” (Student)

Here are some quotes from our secondary students: 

“ I like how you are a good principal.  I hope you have a good day” (Middle Schooler)

“Thank you, Mr. Shelby for helping all of our clubs and programs grow!” (Student)

“Thank you for showing leadership qualities all around the school” (Student)

“Mr. Shelby, thank you for your generous dedication to this school.  We hope you know that there are people out here that truly appreciate your work.” (Student) 

“We love how you are really good at your job and keep on doing what you are doing.” (student)

Thank you!!! 

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