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Our Above & Beyond committee met on December 3, 2021 and reviewed the nominations. All nominees have been approved and recommended by their principals/supervisors.

Above & Beyond award recipients were recognized and honored at the December 14, 2021 board meeting.

Each recipient received a “Certificate of Achievement”, a $200.00 stipend, and a reserved parking space.

Additionally, recipient names will be displayed on the Marquee and the Lackland ISD website.

The Above & Beyond recommended winners for Fall 2021 recognition are:


  •  Auxiliary – Yuka Couret serves as the lead cook in our Child Nutrition Department. Mrs. Couret does an outstanding job making sure that the food served at both the high school and elementary cafeterias are prepared and ready to be served in a safe and timely manner.  She meticulously prepares daily production records and follows all child nutrition program requirements and health and sanitation regulations.  Mrs. Yuka takes great pride in cooking appetizing and visually appealing meals for her students, consistently receiving praise from students and staff on the high quality of the food being served.  Mrs. Yuka is an exemplary role model and trainer.  She is dependable, has a great attitude, and always willing to help others when needed.  We are proud to recognize Yuka Couret as one of our Fall 2021 Above & Beyond award winners.


  •  Para-Professional – Karla Rosales serves as an Instructional Aide at Stacy High School.  As an instructional aide, Mrs. Rosales provides classroom support for students in our special education and general education programs. She also helps supervise students in the dining room during meal serving times and assists our students and staff throughout the school day.  Mrs. Rosales gets along great with all her students and co-workers and goes out of her way to make new students feel welcome and works to connect them with the right people and places on campus.  You can often find Mrs. Rosales helping other students and staff as she goes above and beyond to make sure they have a positive experience at school.  We are proud to recognize Karla Rosales as one of Fall 2021 Above & Beyond award winners.


  • Professional – Nicole James serves as an English teacher at Stacey Junior High School. Ms. James is a dedicated and exceptionally skilled teacher that goes above and beyond in helping her students succeed in her classroom. According to one of her colleagues, “Ms. James has one of the best classroom management styles for secondary that she has seen.  Students are engaged in the content that she is teaching and go out of their way to thank her for believing in them and their ability to succeed.  We are fortunate to have an educator as passionate and driven as Ms. James to continue to plant seeds of change and sow greatness into the lives that she impacts every day. It is an honor to nominate her for this award and for her to be recognized for the work that she does for the Lackland ISD community.”  We are proud to recognize Nicole James as one of our Fall 2021 Above & Beyond award winners.


  • Professional – Patricia Morris serves as an Early Childhood Special Education (ECSE) teacher at our Elementary School.  Ms. Morris has been teaching at Lackland ISD for 17 years.  During these  17 years, she has consistently gone above-and-beyond  in her commitment to teaching our students with special needs. Mrs. Morris comes to work super early and stays late preparing lessons, support strategies, and activities for her students. Her calm and patient demeanor allows her to keep her students focused and engaged even when the classroom is chaotic with student meltdowns and temper tantrums.  Mrs. Morris is a genuinely caring person who goes out of the way to help her students and co-workers by providing comfort and support during difficult times. We are proud to recognize Patricia Morris as one of our Fall 2021 Above & Beyond award winners.
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