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During the month of January each year, school districts across the state celebrate individuals who have made the decision to devote their time and energy to serve school districts in their local communities. Their goal is to provide the best education possible to students in those districts. These unpaid heroes work to develop policy and budgets that support the educational goals of the district.  The past few years have been extremely difficult for many school boards across the state and the nation as they deal with the fallout from the  pandemic and other social issues. We are blessed to have a stable school board who continue to prioritize the needs of our students and staff.

Lackland ISD is truly blessed to have a slate of amazing board members that include service members, a parent, and civil service workers. All our board members are either currently serving in the military or have served and understand the needs of military families.  We are grateful for their sacrifice and their support of our students, staff, and community.

We honor our board members not just this month, but throughout the year for everything  they do for Lackland ISD. We will formally recognize our board members at the January 24, 2023, board meeting.



Mr. Brian Miller

Board President


Mrs. Jere Pace

Board Secretary


Chief Sandra Wellman

Board Member


Mr. John Jackson

Board Member


Mr. John Sheehan

Board Member

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