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Thank you for taking advantage of the opportunity to share your voice as members of the Lackland ISD learning organization by participating in the Fall 2019 survey opportunities.  The links below will give you access to reports.  These reports will share results and comparison data for survey results from Spring 2017 – Fall 2019. 

Lackland ISD students in third through twelfth grade have the opportunity to participate in two surveys.  One survey solicits feedback related to campus climate and culture.  This survey measures school belonging, school climate, school engagement, school safety, and school teacher-student

relationships.  The other survey is related to student social and emotional learning competencies.  This survey is comprised of questions related to the student’s self-assessment of classroom effort, grit, growth mindset, and self-efficacy.  You are encouraged to review the results of student surveys and engage with your child’s teachers and campus personnel to support us in

improvement efforts.


3rd - 5th                      Student Survey Spring 17' - Fall 19' 
6th – 12th                    Student Survey Spring 17' - Fall 19' 

In addition to the survey opportunities, students were asked to provide specific feedback regarding two things our schools do well and two things we could do to improve.  Accolades shared were related to peer to peer support, open gym, and lunch. While communication is still an area of growth students have benefited from the addition of a designated Social-Emotional Support coordinator. The campus and district also addressed student concerns by rallying for and adding another Military Family Life Counselor.  With the addition of these two positions, students are enjoying group discussions where they are able to provide and receive valuable feedback. The work is not yet complete therefore the district and campus teams are currently reviewing data and refining plans to inform learning organization priorities towards continuous improvement.  Our goal is to provide periodic updates regarding actions taken. 

We share this information with you to enlist your continued engagement with the survey and our efforts towards continuous improvement.  Please check back next week to see the results of the family surveys.  We aim to invest more time and effort in areas that will positively impact our ability to fulfill our vision, mission, and beliefs as your school district.

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