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Record-Breaking Book Fair Raises Over $11,000!

By: Anna Williams and Margaret Bartlow, Freshmen


Thank you to all parents and students who recently purchased books at the Lackland ISD Book fair! With over $11,000 raised, the book fair was not only a huge success, but raised more money than any other book fair Lackland has had in the past! This is true despite various difficulties caused by COVID. This would not have been possible without  the hard work of our school’s librarians: Ms. Walderman, Ms. Larkins, Ms. Flores, and the participation of the all of the students on our campuses.

When books are sold at the book fair, our schools earns half of the total profits in Scholastic Dollars.  What are the schools going to do with all that money? Ms. Walderman couldn’t say. “All I can say about how the reward dollars will be spent is that Mrs. Leija has a great idea about the best way to allocate that money. I can't give away the details, but I know it will make a lot of people very happy and have a positive impact in our schools.” While we didn’t get a real answer to our question, it is safe to say the money will be put to good use.

Overall, the Book Fair was outstanding! Here’s one more thank you to all the people who made this Book Fair possible!

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