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 Last week Stacey S2S and Js2s went to Willie Cortez to celebrate with the seniors for the Willie Cortez Center’s 10th birthday. They assisted the seniors by bringing food plates and drinks to their tables and aided the staff in any other way needed. After lunch,  s2s members and participated in a dance party full of conga lines, clapping, and line dances while at the same time, putting smiles on the seniors' faces. Seniors were asked to get up to dance and have a good time with the students, in which many did. 

 Hailey Barentine, a member of S2S, and her peers sang happy birthday to members of the senior home. After singing, an icebreaker game  - four corners - was played and more dancing followed. The celebration was full of laughs, smiles, and lots of advice from the seniors. S2S always cherishes the time they get to spend at Willie Cortez and with the seniors there.  S2S is looking forward to the next time they go back again!

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