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Mrs. Kamilah Antoine

Interview & article by: Deyana Clark, Stacey senior

 This school year, Lackland ISD has gained a tremendous addition to the Eagle family, Kamilah Antoine. So what exactly does Mrs. Antoine do? Luckily, I've had the pleasure to spend a couple of minutes getting to know her and understand her mission here at Lackland. Mrs. Antoine is a Military Student Transition Consultant. Kamilah Antoine works to "ensure inclusive, quality educational opportunities for all military-connected children affected by mobility, transition, deployments, and family separation”. Mrs. Antoine told me that this particular job was something that she always wanted to do, and she knew that she always wanted to work with kids and families. Mrs. Antoine loves what she does because she says it doesn't just consist of her sitting behind a desk and asking kids what's wrong. She gets to be active and hands-on with not only the kids but also parents. Mrs. Antoine didn't really have a backup plan because she always knew she wanted to pursue something that would have an impact on someone’s life in a great way. She went on to tell me that she went to Grambling University in Louisiana for her Bachelor’s, then continued her education at Our Lady of the Lake University here in San Antonio. After all the serious questions, we were able to get to know more about who Kamilah Antoine really is and not just her profession. Mrs. Antoine was born in Miami, Florida and lived there until the age of ten then moved to Anchorage, Alaska. Even though she wasn't a military kid, she still had the opportunity to explore different places. Though she did move around, Mrs. Antoine still considers Miami to be her heart of home. To take a break from her work life, Mrs. Antoine has always wanted to visit Brazil. She would love to visit because of the warm weather, beaches, and opportunity to explore the culture. When I asked her what her favorite sport was, she automatically said “dance”. No particular style of dance just dance. My last question for Mrs. Antoine was to describe herself using one word and she said “innovative”. I was so blessed and glad to interview her and get to know more about her kind heart. If you have the opportunity you must go speak with her.

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