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Meal Payment Policy

Meal Payments

Households are encouraged to closely monitor their children’s cafeteria meal accounts and ensure sufficient funds exist in their account.

It is our intent that children not go hungry.  If a LISD student goes through a cafeteria serving line and funds are not available in their cafeteria meal account, they will be provided a meal; however, a debt is created that the parent becomes responsible for paying promptly.

If payment is not promptly received debt collection procedures will be initiated which include contacting the service member’s command.

Three Methods of Payment

  1. Online at:
  2. Cash or check payments may be made at your campus main office
  3. Cash or check payments may be made directly at your school’s cafeteria

Prepayment of Meals

Parents are encouraged to place money in the student’s account to reduce the need for carrying cash, which can be lost or stolen. Lunch Money Now is available as a prepayment option online. The service is easy to use, convenient, private, and secure. Once your account is established, you can deposit funds into the student’s lunch account anytime from your home computer or phone. A convenience fee of $2.50 is charged for each transaction. One transaction may consist of making multiple deposits into various accounts for families with more than one student.

​​​​​​​*Be sure to enable pop-ups on your computer in order to access Lunch Money now.