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Student Registration

You can complete the initial portion of your student registration online.  To get started, visit our Student Registration section.

Student Withdrawals

We're sorry to see you go!  You can begin the process by completing our Student Withdrawal Tracking form.  This will allow us to begin preparing your child's records to send to your child's next school.  If you have multiple children who are not returning, please complete a form for EACH child.


NOTE: ALL events that appear on the district calendar ALSO appear on the campus calendars.

Parent Portals


Parents can register to access the Ascender Parent Portal.

For information on registering, please contact your campus registrar.


Parents can find information on how to access and navigate Canvas is found in our Canvas Parent Information course. 


Child Nutrition (Lunch and Snacks)


Bus Routes/Info

Counseling Assistance


After High School

  • College and Career Readiness

Parent Handbooks