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PreK-5th Grade iPads

Early Childhood (Grades PreK-2)

In the early childhood grades, teachers will have a class set of iPads on hand to use as centers, for peer collaboration, to provide additional problem solving opportunities, for group projects, and much, much more! The students will be monitored and guided closely while on these devices, and numerous restrictions will be added to the device settings in order to ensure and promote digital citizenship and responsibility. The devices will remain in the classrooms under the teacher's supervision.

Elementary (Grades 3-5)

In the 3-5 classrooms, teachers will have a 1:1 iPad class set of devices on hand for student use. The use of the devices will be actively monitored and guided by the classroom teacher.  There will be restrictions in place in the settings of each device to ensure appropriate use and to promote/ensure outstanding digital citizenship.  

The iPads will be housed in a charging cabinet in the classroom and will not go home with the students.  The students will be assigned a specific iPad for use while on campus during school hours. Students may carry their assigned device to their various classes throughout the school day. It is the student's responsibility to safeguard the device while in their possession.  Reasonable care is expected and required.  We understand accidents are inevitable, and we typically cover such events.  However, gross negligence may result in disciplinary action and/or parental obligation to replace or repair the device.