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iPad Setup


Setting up your iPad for online learning is quick and easy!  This page will walk you through how to connect a student's iPad to the primary apps used for online instruction.  Let's get you started!

Three Apps

There are three apps that you need to know: ClassLink, Canvas, and Microsoft Teams.  These should already be pre-installed on any iPads issued by the district.  Didn't pick up an iPad?  You should be able to download each of these apps on the device that your child is using, just look in your respective device's app store.  You can also access each of these apps via the web.  To log on via the web, simply click on their names below. 

Here's more information about each of these apps:



ClassLink is a single sign-on (SSO) application.  ClassLink can automatically log you into many applications, and it can remember passwords for other websites.  If you're looking for an application that a teacher has directed the student to use, this is the place!



Canvas is the district's learning management system (LMS).  This is the place for students to go to find their online coursework, to watch videos recorded by their instructor, and to submit their assignments.


Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is the district's videoconferencing platform.  If you are joining the a live class, this is the software that you will use.


Canvas Parent Portal

If you are a parent and would like to be able to monitor your child's progress in Canvas, you can set up the Canvas Parent Portal.  We have a dedicated section on our website to step you through how to set up this portal and that walks you through various tasks of interest to parents.