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What is Canvas?

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Canvas is the Learning Management System (LMS) used by learners and educators of Lackland ISD. Parents can sign up for a free account so that they may view the materials and resources posted in their child's courses that are available in Canvas. Canvas can be accessed by a web browser on a computer or mobile device, or by installing the Canvas Parent app on your mobile device. All parent accounts are given the role of Observer.

With your parent account you can:

  • Read announcements
  • View the calendar
  • See course syllabi 
  • See your child's assignments (with the exception of discussion posts)
  • View your child's grades on assignments. 
    • At this time course grades will still be posted in Gradebook
  • Use the Inbox to contact your child's teacher
  • Set up notifications to get emails or texts
  • View instructional content

Please note that not all features listed above will be used in all courses. Please refer to "What You'll See" for more information. 

Canvas Web Login Page

Canvas Parent App (iOS)

Canvas Parent App (Android)


Canvas Guides for Parents

guides for using the Lackland ISD Canvas Website

Before you can create an account for the Lackland ISD Canvas website, you will need a pairing code that will attach your account to your child. The guide below on signing up shows how your child can find that code in their Canvas account. 

guides for using the canvas parent mobile app

If you do not already have a Canvas account, you will need a pairing code cor your child in order to create your account with the mobile app. 

If you already have a Canvas account linked to your child and you want to learn how to start using the Parent app, after installing the app, tap Find my School and type in Lackland ISD and select Login as a Parent. You can then enter your login information to gain access. 





What You'll See

Canvas is a new LMS for Lackland ISD and we are going to provide educators ample time and opportunity to build their courses as they grow familiar with the platform. At this time, you can expect to see the following information in Canvas: 

Parents of Elementary Learners: 

  • Periodic class announcements as necessary

Parents of Stacey Learners: 

  • Periodic class announcements as necessary
  • Posted homework  


Please know that you might not see grades in some of your child's classes. If you do see grades, please note that this not does indicate your child's current grade for that course. At this time, not all grades are recorded in Canvas. 

If you wish for a more detailed report of your child's grades, please use the Gradebook Parent Portal.