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Seeking New Board Members

LISD is soliciting resumes for one opening on the Board of Trustees. Eligibility for the positions requires the prospective member to:

  • Live or be employed on the military reservation (JBSA LAK). (Texas Education Code 11.352 (b))
  • Take the official oath of office. (Texas Education Code 11.061 (a))
  • Serve without compensation. (Texas Education Code 11.061 (d))
  • Be a qualified voter (Texas Education Code 11.061 (b))

District Vision

Lackland ISD ignites a passion for life-long learning and empowers excellence.

District Mission

Lackland ISD provides a safe and nurturing environment where we recognize the value of individuals and collaborate to develop their unique abilities. We engage students through innovative experiences to spark creativity and empower students to learn, grow, and excel.

For more information contact the School Liaison Program Manager Dianna Fryer at (210) 671-8388 or for those interested submit a resume to the School Liaison Program Manager at (