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 Welcome to the 2020-2021 School Year.  In adherence to local and county orders, our district like many others in Bexar County will begin academic instruction in a 100% remote, virtual setting.  

Since October 13, 2020, Lackland ISD has been phasing in face to face instruction.  Parents will continue to have the option to have their child(ren) participate in face to face instruction or remote instruction.  

Lackland ISD has received approval from the Texas Education Agency for the Lackland @Home Learning Connection Remote Asynchronous Learning Plan linked below:

Texas Education Agency (TEA) Approval Letter

Lackland ISD @Home Learning Connection TEA Approved Plan 

The following links are provided to support you and your child during remote instruction.

Preparing for Online Instruction

Monitoring Your Child's Progress in Canvas

During Phase II, which will include the integration of face to face instruction will either begin on September 14, 2020 or on October 13, 2020 based on the COVID-19 conditions and Board of Trustees' approval.  This phase will provide parents the opportunity to select the most appropriate instructional setting for their child(ren).  These choices include 1)  remote asynchronous instruction with synchronous opportunities or 2) face to face on-campus instruction.  Instructional declarations are in effect for one grading period and will remain in effect for subsequent grading periods unless a new form is submitted by the child's parent or guardian. 

Click Traditional versus Remote to see a comparison of our two instructional models. 

Note:  Parents who select face to face on-campus instruction will have the option to register for bus transportation as applicable.  Parents will also complete the Remote Asynchronous Learning Agreement.  Both of these opportunities are embedded in the Lackland ISD Instructional Choice Declaration form. 

Lackland ISD Instructional Choice Declaration 

Instructional Model

Final Change Date

New Choice Effective Date:

Form Link

August 28, 2020

September 14 or

October 13, 2020


First Grading Period

Currently Available

October 19, 2020

Second Grading Period

December 4, 2020

January 6, 2021

Third Grading Period

February 19, 2021

March 17, 2021

Fourth Grading Period



External Instructional Supports and Links

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