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Mr. Alfredo Concha

Mr. Alfredo Concha

Director of Operations


The mission of the Operations Department is to:

  • Provide educational facilities that are safe, clean, well-maintained, and free from health hazards.
  • Ensure our students are served nutritious, appetizing, and affordable meals in a pleasant and welcoming environment.
  • Transport our students to and from school in a safe and efficient manner.

What we do

The Operations Department provides services in support of the educational goals of the district, which includes: Transportation, Custodial Services, Child Nutrition Services, Grounds, and Building Maintenance.

We provide these services in support of our quest to maintain an exemplary learning environment for our students and staff.

Support Services - Steven Rodriguez, Support Services Coordinator
Maintenance - Sam Cantu, Maintenance Supervisor
Child Nutrition - Maricela Reyna, Child Nutrition Supervisor
Custodial Services - Margie Garcia, Custodial Supervisor
Transportation - Rebecca Macal, Transportation Supervisor