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6-12th Grade Checkout Requirements

In order for a student in grades 6-12 to have an iPad issued to them, the Technology Department requires a completed Responsible Use Guidelines (RUG) form as well as an iViSiON iPad Loan Agreement.  Students will NOT be issued an iPad without a completed RUG and Loan Agreement.  These documents MUST be completed by the parent, and were presented during the online registration.


We do have an Online Orientation Module that we encourage both parents and students to watch to acquaint yourself with our iPad program in more detail.  Our module also contains important information to help students and their parents help focus their efforts on academic tasks while using the iPad.

Viewing the Orientation

To view the orientation, go to

Next, click the Sign Up link at the bottom right-hand corner of the page:

Sign Up Link




Then, click on Sign up with Edpuzzle button near the center of the page:

Click on Sign up with Edpuzzle

Complete the signup screen using the STUDENT'S information.  When you have completed the screen, click on the Create your account button:

Click on Create your account

Click on the Start button to begin watching the video:

Click Start button to begin watching video

Answer questions that appear throughout the video to assess your knowledge on the content.  The district will automatically receive a copy of your score as well as whether you completed watching the video.