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New Vendors

Here at the Lackland Independent School District, we always welcome opportunities to learn about new technologies in the marketplace that will help us provide a better quality education for our students.  However, the Technology Department needs an efficient way of balancing those learning opportunities with our primary work of educating students.

To do so, we use an online booking tool.  We will not consider appointments that are not submitted via this tool.  To request an appointment, please use the form below to indicate three possible times for a meeting.  If one of your times is accepted, you will receive an email confirmation of that acceptance.  Your appointment is not confirmed until you have received that confirmation.  Occasionally, we must decline appointments.  If we do, that will be communicated to you through the system.

Initial appointments are by phone call only, and last for a maximum of 30 minutes.  If an onsite visit is necessary, that can be discussed during your initial call.  While we would recommend using your initial appointment to do a needs assessment, we will allow product demos if they can be accomplished within the time frame.  After your appointment is confirmed, you may send any conference call/webinar/etc. information.  Please do not send this information until you have a confirmed appointment.

Thank you for your interest in our district, and we look forward to hearing about your products and/or services!

The booking tool below is for technology-related appointments ONLY.