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General Information

Lackland ISD will be accepting a limited number of student transfers for each academic year. Transfer acceptance will be based on the number of available slots at each grade level and will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis. Potential transfer students must meet transfer eligibility criteria in order to be considered.

Because a Non-Resident Transfer is a privilege rather than a right, it is important to stress that transfer students will be subject to the Non-Resident Transfer Agreement.

Parents may apply for a nonresident transfer under one of the following exemptions:

  • The parent is serving on active military duty and is assigned to JBSA.
  • The parent is retired from active military duty, regardless of when the parent retired or whether the child was enrolled in the District when the parent retired. 
  • The resident District student becomes a non-resident during the course of a school year and the parent separates from active military duty in a manner other than retirement. 
  • The parent is employed by the District or is a civilian employed on JBSA.  

There are two transfer student categories:

  • Current-Non-Resident Transfer Students - Those NRT students who were enrolled in the previous academic year who submit a completed transfer application by the deadline will have first consideration.
  • First Time Non-Resident Transfer Students – Students interested in applying to attend must submit a completed packet to the appropriate campus office.

Please remember that students’ completed application will be considered in the order they are received.  

We appreciate your service to our country and want to provide the best education possible to our military-connected students. We look forward to serving your children for as long as our resources will allow.